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Every three days there will be a new coin. In a world of paperhands and quick sellers we figured that there must be something better out there to do. Projects tend to only last for a few days and its a definite bummer. We want to ensure everyone has a good project to get into and we will be as transparent as possible.


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Our Mission

We are experienced traders and developers who have realized that people's attention span is very short. They are worried about getting rugged or getting dumped on. This coin aims to release a new contract every three days, exactly 72 hours from the initial launch. We will always be transparent and open with our community and holders. 

 Our aim is not only to generate marketing funds but to have a project that will be long-lasting. Our developer, Henry, is extremely timely and always online. He has seen many coins die after a few days, no matter how well the team is running the project. We will always use a safu contract and promote the project with the allocated marketing funds. The previous project's liquidity will be removed in 72 hours, followed by our launch after one hour. This will ensure that the team can consistently provide liquidity towards the new launch. There will be no restrictions, so ape as you want and sell as you please.

 Lastly, we are working continuously on Dapp development and have so much in the works! We are focusing on releasing soon a NFT Market, an Exchange, a Staking Dapp, a Launchpad, and basically everything imaginable, including our own Blockchain and P2E Videogame. Having this coin not only allows everyone to play well, but it also allows the team to work on and spend money on development. As we progress on the roadmap and coins, please don’t forget to follow all our media channels. We are preparing giveaways, unique merch, and NFT's You don’t want to miss out on this.

We wish you a happy game and good luck to everyone. 

 Best Regards, The Diamond Hand Team


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

6/22 2022 Diamond Hand 1 ($DMND1)
6/25 2022 Diamond Hand 2 ($DMND2)
6/28 2022 Diamond Hand 3
Q.2 2022 NFT Marketplace
Q.2 2022 Initial Dex Offering
Q2.2022 New investor(s) / Partners
Q2.2022 Crypto Exchange
Q.2 2022 Blockchain Creation
Q.2 2022 Team Expansion
Q.3 2022 NFT Game Launch
Q.3 2022 Staking & Bonding V1
Q.3 2022 Further CEX Listings
Q.3 2022 NFT Gaming Player Blockchain
Q.3 2022 Player Token Launch
Q.3 2022 Partnerships with high profile celebrities and investors
Q.4 2022 Crypto Warzone Play to Earn NFT Game Release (XBOX, PS5, PC )
Q.4 2022 Updates to Game - (XBOX, PS5, PC & STANDALONE DEVICES)
Q.4 2022 Integration With 3rd Party Metaverses
Q.1 2023 Forex Market

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